Multiple CTEs in a Single Query – Sql Server

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Multiple CTEs in a Single Query

Many a times we come across a scenario, where we need to use multiple CTEs in a single query. For instance assume first CTE gives employee details and second CTE gives total salary paid to the employee year to date after performing all the aggregation of the salary paid from the beginning of the year to till date. So, here combining the first CTE with the Second CTE in a single query gives a meaning ful details of employee with his year to date salary.

Below is very basic example of using multiple CTEs in a single query:

Multiple CTES in a Single query Ver2

WITH FirstCTE AS(SELECT 1 EmployeeId,'Shreeganesh Biradar' Name)
	, SecondCTE AS (SELECT 1 EmployeeId, '$ 100000' YTDSalary)
SELECT FC.EmployeeId, FC.Name, SC.YTDSalary
		ON FC.EmployeeId = SC.EmployeeId

Multiple CTES in a Single query Result Ver2

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